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Govt. Teachers' Training College, Dhaka

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Academic Course

Mainly Two types of courses are offered; Regular and short courses



A. Full time Academic Courses

1. B. Ed (one year), under National University

2. M. Ed (one year) under National University

3. B. Ed (Hon’s), 04 years course under National University

4. STC (03 Months) under National University

5. B. Ed (09 Month after STC) under National University


B. In-service Training

1. Digital Content Development by TQI-SEP

2. Digital Content Refreshers

3. Subject Based CPD training sponsored by TQI-SEP

4. Training on LSBE under DSHE sponsored by UNICEF, Bangladesh

5. Creative Questions by SESIP

6. Autism

7. Disaster Management


History of the Institution

Govt. Teachers' Training College, Dhaka, is a pioneer, renowned and reputed Teachers' Training College in Bangladesh situated at the heart of the city in New Market area. In its long 100 years journey (1909- 2011) it has been serving with its best to enlighten the students, trainees and teaching professionals of the nation. ESTD : 1909 TOTAL TEACHER : 68 Hostel: 04 , Computer Lab- 05 COURSES GOING ON : B.ED, M.ED, B. Ed (Hons), STC SHORT TRAINING COURSE : CPD( SUBJECT BASED IN-SERVICE TRAINING FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHER), LSBE, Digital Content Development, Creative Questions, Refreshers etc. TOTAL BUILDING: 10 PRINCIPAL: Professor Swapan Kumar Dhali